All men are equal before fish

What really matters

The fish doesn't care about the brand of your gear or the price you paid for the technology that goes into it.

But rather, it’s about the time you spend on the water studying the habitat, diet and behavior of this worthy opponent before presenting that right fly, with the right movement at the right moment, that perhaps the fish will return that respect with moments of exhilaration as the take, the fight, the catch and the release ensues.

"That's what we dream of and deserve as fly anglers, isn't it?"
When we believe

At GuideStream, we believe that if we Respect the sport that we love and those that we pursue to share this love with, that respect will be reciprocated with trust, support and fellowship. Respect for the fish, respect for nature, respect for anglers who share this same respect.

How we see it

GuideStream's vision is to develop tackle that offers true value for fly fishing lovers of all levels. Because we are fly anglers too and have been through phases where we paid through the nose for tackle and technology that otherwise made little difference in how we caught the same fish. Whether you are new to fly fishing or have been “waving the wand” for a while, GuideStream will offer you the affordability to enter the sport, the quality to enjoy it, and the reliability to grow in it for years.

We strive to strike a balance between Quality, Reliability and Affordability by incorporating proven technology, materials and features that will enhance your fly fishing experience. Guidestream’s tackle won't cost you an arm and a leg, so you can preserve them for fishing.

GuideStream Reel

Rugged, lightweight construction

GuideStream fly reels are fully machined* from 6061 aircraft grade aluminum for high strength and excellent corrosion resistance. Precision needle bearings ensures silky smooth operation, and a fully-sealed multi-carbon disc drag system will let you land the toughest fish in both fresh or saltwater conditions.

*Emerge series fly reels are made using a combination of machining and die-cast.

GuideStream Rods

Delicately designed, thoughtfully crafted

GuideStream fly rods are designed from seat to tip with quality, reliability and affordability in mind. Machined aluminum reel seat with carbon or hard wood inserts to maintain light weight and elegance, high grade cork handle for durability and feel. IM6 to IM8 carbon graphite blanks sourced from reputable Japanese and Korean manufacturers ensures excellent cast-ability and reliability. Silver nickel or Titanium guides and threadwork for a stylish finish.

GuideStream Lines

For smooth, efficient casts

GuideStream fly lines are available in traditional weight forward taper or specialty tapers for softer presentation or for casting in windy conditions. All lines are equipped with welded loops on both ends for smooth connections to the backing and leader.


What goes into a GuideStream?

Happy Endings

Well, it doesn’t always have to finish with a fish on the other end of the line, for enjoyment is in the journey itself. Let the pictures of our fellow fly fishos tell their stories.

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